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Diamond Blades

We offer an extensive catalog of Diamond Blades for every application and budget. Bartell Global has over 75 years of experience in developing products of the highest quality. Bartell Global diamond products feature unique core designs and high-level diamond particles/segments. Whatever the material—concrete mature or green, reinforced concrete, concrete block, brick mortar, natural stone, asphalt, porcelain wall tiles, porcelain floor tiles, porcelain slabs, marble, granite—Bartell Global has a diamond product for cutting, grinding, or drilling, in both wet or dry applications. Fast, accurate performance combined with long life expectancy offers true value to suit any budget. These blades can to be used on a variety of saws including hand-held, high-speed, stationary masonry saws; and low-hp (18hp and below) saws, for a wide range of general applications, across six quality standards: You will likely find the perfect choice in this collection! But if you don't see what you need here, or if you need any support, please download the complete catalog or contact our sales team directly.

The CAPTAIN Series

The Captain series is built strong to cut a wide variety of applications with ease while still maintaining a good life. The Captain cuts very hard concrete, Class A engineering bricks, 65-100 newton clay paviours, hard flint aggregates, reinforced concrete lintels, kerbs, hard concrete paving slabs, granite, hard slate and some clay products.


The Commander series gives contractors precise cuts on many different types of tile products. With these blades, you will achieve the precise cuts needed for a professional finish. With a combination of fast cutting and long life, the Commander series has the perfect blades for tile contractors. (10mm continuous rim segment | Sintered | Wet or dry usage)

The MAJOR Series

The Major Series cuts EVERYTHING from hard/medium abrasive asphalt, asphalt over concrete, multi-applications, engineering bricks, concrete kerbs, lintels and beams, reinforced concrete, 30-60 newton block paviours, york stone, concrete pipes, Indian stone , granite sets and other less abrasive materials. Ductile iron and steel up to 10mm thickness. (12mm segments | Double laser welded | Undercut Protected Segments | Wet or dry usage)

The GENERAL Series

Easily cut a variety of materials quickly and effectively. For medium hardness concrete, Class B engineering brick, concrete kerbs, concrete lintels and beams, block paviours, concrete pipes, general masonry products, all non-abrasive materials.


Fast mortar raking to increase job profitability. The Corporal Series is used for raking out joints between brick and blockwork. It has fast stock removal and a long life. The Corporal performance levels are designed to offer excellent value, as well as a great cost per cut ratio. (10mm segments | Sintered | Wet or dry usage)


High-quality continuous rim blade for cutting a variety of materials with ease. The Sergeant Series cuts ductile iron, medium material, vitrified clay, clay pipes, clay roofing tiles, and hard materials with ease. These blades offer contractors fast accurate cutting and long life in many popular applications. (10mm continuous rim segment | Sintered | Wet or dry usage)


Asphalt & soft material cutting; long-lasting, quick, and precise. The Specialist was designed for the user in mind. Its designed to offer excellent value for the money as well as it offers a good cost per cut ratio with Undercut Protected Segments. It cuts asphalt, breeze block, other abrasive materials.

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