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Bartell Global consists of the following companies: SPE International Ltd., Bartell-Morrison Inc., Innovatech, Contech North America, etc… otherwise known in this policy as ‘Bartell Global’.


Your privacy and trust are very important to us, and we aim to develop relationships with our customers that are based honesty, integrity and transparency. Please read this privacy policy and contact our Data Prevention manager should you have any concerns relating to your personal information choices, or our privacy practices.


Below you will find helpful information about:

1. Personal information

Personal information is defined as any information that can lead to the direct, or indirect, identification of a person. This can include for example, but is not limited to, a name, contact address, ip address, online identifier, location data. Bartell Global will only collect, store and process information supplied by you when needed to fulfil any contractual service with you, when we have a legal obligation to do so, and for operational and business purposes described in this policy.

2. The types of personal information we collect

When you download any of our content, for example e-books, or contact us through our website we may ask you for details such as your name, business name, address, telephone number and email address. We may also record information such as your IP address and geo location data so that we can tailor your experience and increase the accuracy of the service we provide. At times, we may also collect information through analytics based software so that we can monitor and improve the service we provide to you. We may also collect information that helps us administer and protect our service. This may sometimes be done through third-party services.


Any information that is considered highly sensitive under applicable law will be handled and treated in the manner such laws require.

3. How we use personal information

Bartell Global will only use any personal information you provide us for the following reasons.

a. When we are legally obliged to do so

It may be necessary to retain personal information for legal and compliance reasons such as the investigation, detection and prevention of a crime; fraud; loss prevention. It may also be necessary to meet our internal and external audit requirements; for information security purposes; other reasons we believe to necessary under applicable law – which may include laws outside your country of residence. We may also need to respond to requests from regulatory agencies, law courts, law enforcement agencies, and other government authorities – which may also include authorities outside your country of residence.

b. The setting up of an account for you

Should you approach us (via the website, email, telephone, fax, letter) for a quotation and or order for any of our products, any personal information supplied by you such as your name, email address, and business contact details, will be used in the setting up of an account for you so that we can administer and fulfil your request. Your details will be used to respond to any such request, and for us to communicate with you in terms of matters related to your account.

c. Marketing

We will use personal information to provide you with marketing communications as well as any subscription-based services you may have opted in to. Some of the data we may collect may be used to tailor any such communications to products and services you have previously enquired about.

d. To improve our services to you.

Some data collected, for example, how you navigate through our website, may be used internally by us to improve the way we deliver our services and also develop and improve features to enrich your experience with us.

4. Sharing your personal information

Your privacy is important to us, and any time we may need to share information which includes your personal information we will make sure that those receiving that information has the necessary policies and procedure in place keep your data safe and secure as the law requires. They will only use this information in strict accordance with our instructions and they will not pass that information to any other party (unless legally required to do so). This also includes any third party services we may use.


We use third-party services to log any requests for downloads and contact from our website and requests for product and or service information so that we can provide a singular and secure environment in which our sales and marketing teams can limit any marketing materials and sales communications to those in which you have, or we believe, you have an interest. We may also use third-parties to provide mailing services to us, or collect analytics information to improve our business services to you.


Personal information may also be shared so that we comply with the law – which may include law enforcement and government agencies outside your area of residence.


We may also share information when necessary to protect our rights, systems and services


To protect our rights, users, systems, and Services.

5. Where we store and process personal information

Bartell Global take all measures to ensure that your personal information, including that shared with third-parties, is stored and secured with measures at least applicable to those requirements of the EU General Data Processing Regulations (GDPR) for all our clients and customers resident in the European Economic Area. Should we transfer and store information outside of the European Economic Area we will take the appropriate measures to make sure these requirements are complied with, ensuring your rights and protections remain with you under the GDPR.

6. How we secure personal information

Bartell Global take your personal information seriously, and as such have implemented measures to make sure your information is secure at all times. We have measures in place to protect against unauthorised access, use, and disclosure of your personal information.

We do this by, for example:

7. How long we keep personal information

We only retain your personal information of as long as we are required to for legal or business purpose. We have a duty to consider local laws, our contractual obligations and your expectations when determining retention periods for personal information, and so the type of information and the purpose for which it was collected will form the basis for how long we retain data.


When we no longer need your personal information, we will securely delete it / destroy it as appropriate.

8. Your right to access and correct your personal information

We respect your right to access and control your information, and we will respond to requests for information and, where applicable, will correct, amend, or delete your personal information.


Under certain circumstances, you have the right by law to:

a. Request access to your personal information that we hold about you

Known as a “Data Subject Access Request”; once we receive such a request, we will provide you with a copy of the personal information we hold about you so you may check it is lawfully being processed.

b. Request a correction to your personal information

Once we receive a request to correct your information, we are legally bound to do so in a timely fashion, and will confirm with you that the changes are made.

c. Object to us processing your personal information

You have the right to object where we process your personal information in circumstances other than outlined in this privacy policy – for example if we use personal information in any marketing campaign. You can also object to processing if we are relying on a legitimate interest (or those of a third-party) for the purpose of processing the information and our reason is not a legal requirement nor within your interests for us to do so.

d. Request the restriction of processing your personal information

In this case, upon request, we will temporarily suspend the processing of personal information about you. You may wish to exercise this right if you want to establish the accuracy of the information being used for example.

e. Request that your personal information be erased

In cases where you have previously provided written consent for us to collect and store personal information, you have the right to withdraw that consent and – unless there is a legal basis for us to retain that information – have it removed from our systems.


If you also believe there is no good reason for us to continue processing personal information about you, you also have the right to ask for its removal. This also applies when you have placed an objection to us processing some of your personal information.

f. Request the transfer of your personal information to a third party

In such a case we will provide you with a copy of your personal information in a suitable format for your third party to read / import into their system.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.

By mail:
170 Traders Blvd, Mississauga,
Ontario, Canada, L4Z 1W7

By email:

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